David OLIVIERFull-Stack JavaScript Developer23years old, Aix-en-Provence - France

When I was in my last year of studies, I joined GoJob on 2015, for my final internship as the first developer with the CTO and the CEO.
Before GoJob, I didn't know the web technologies, but thanks to the involvement and the passion in development, it allow me to be efficient within this startup.
Now, I'm lead developer at GoJob.


Work Experience

VP EngineeringGoJob
October 2015 - PresentAix-en-Provence
GoJob is the first employment agency next generation in France, GoJob hires job seekers and offer theirs skills to the companies to find the worker of their dreams immediately.I joined this startup only few days after it was created, I was the first developer with the CTO. At the beginning, I worked on the mobile application, but when the team has grows up I had focus on the Back End project with all API services, all modules around it, and also on the Back office of the platform.Since, I work on key parts of the platform such as the search engine (Elasticsearch) of the users, the electronic signature and even the implementation of the payment system.After one year experience, I became VP Engineering and I have some important responsibilities, such as the access to the "production" and "development" servers and often, I deliver the platform projects on these environments.Besides, I have access and I maintain the GoJob production database.During these different parts, I led entire projects with several developers involved, and that's what allowed me to improve my project management skill.Below, the few projects what I worked on it:
I worked on the first version of the mobile hybrid application on iOS and Android systems.This project is developed with the Ionic framework built on the top of AngularJS, this mobile application allow to companies to find the worker of theirs dreams and to job seekers to manage theirs missions through the digital way.
I worked on several key features such as users moderation, management of missions and job adverts.This project is developed with the AngularJS framework, the Back Office allow to manage all users and missions.
I worked mainly on the Back End part of the GoJob platform with different key features such as, cronjobs project, missions, search engine, unit tests, etc...Also, it means I have some responsibilities to deliver the "production" and "development" environment of all projects and I have the access to the "production" database to do the maintenance.The REST API service project and all modules around it are developed on JavaScript powered by Node.JS, with the Express.js framework.We using the "mongoose" package to connect ours projects with the MongoDB database, our search engine of users is powered by Elasticsearch framework.
Software DeveloperCrazylog
March 2014 - August 2014Toulon
Crazylog is a startup and also subsidiary of Ennovia company, it was created to develop the QuickBrain solution.This solution allow to have an innovative diagnostic and predictive maintenance product for industries.I joined this startup for my internship of third year studies as software developer and I was in charged of the PID Scan product.During the internship, I worked alone on this project and I was improve my work in autonomy, but also the communication skill because I had to exchange with developers in charge of QuickBrain and the CEO.
I worked mainly on the PID Scan software, I re-write the "first" version and developed the entire project alone.This project is developed in C++ with the Qt framework, and allow to export all PID schemas on PDF format to the format file which it can be imported by QuickBrain product.PID Scan allow to create digital 'TAG' from PDF schemas with bindings between theses, thanks to the characters recognition and also with graphic edition tools.
Student StaffEpitech
January 2013 - February 2014Marseille
When I was in my second year of my studies, I was selected to be a kind of teacher until my third year.I taught to the underclasses, some courses about coding and assess students defenses.This experience was incredible, I could improve my pedagogy, and pass my knowledge and feelings about development and Epitech projects.Also, I was in charge of the HP computer equipments of Epitech Marseille.
Software DeveloperMismo
July 2012 - December 2012La Chapelle-sur-Erdre (Nantes)
Mismo informatique is a company which offer full computer services, from the hardware materials to the Custom Relationship Management software.I joined this company as software developer for my first internship of my studies. I had only one year of related experience.During my internship, I have learned the C# language and especially the object-oriented programming, also I could practice my project management and the team work in real professional environment.After few weeks, I was efficient on these technologies and I worked on several projects and modules around the main solution "Atheneo".


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